Optimize your Pulp and Paper Process in all Stages

Besides wood fibers, water is the most important raw material in the pulp or paper mill. Simply put, pulp and paper manufacturing is impossible without water at every step of the production process. optek offers analysis solutions to paper mills covering the whole production process including raw water- and effluent monitoring plus bleaching and fiber recovery steps. Tightly controlling the whole production process ensures the specified product quality, maximizes equipment uptime and yields and makes sure regulatory maintenance with legal limit values is maintained.

Inline ClO2 Monitoring

...Inline ClO2 concentration measurements are achievable in liquid and gas streams. Split-beam technology compensates for lamp aging and varying particulate levels including bubbles. ...


Chlorine Dioxide Vent Scrubber Monitoring

...In addition to the ClO2 concentration measurements, using an AF26 sensor to measure the ClO2 generator gas concentration at the inlet of the absorption tower helps optimize the C...


White Liquor Monitoring

...Proper clarity of white liquor prior to storage can be verified by using an optek TF16-N scattered light sensor with sapphire optics that are resistant to hot caustic process solution. Maximum measuri...


Raw Water Quality

...The decolorization of raw water can be accomplished by different methods, such as adding alums or by the absorption of activated carbon. To optimize the performance of water treatment plants, the degr...


Effluent Water Monitoring

...Continuous control of water quality and optimum dosage of flocculant are achievable using optek process photometers. Reduction of polymer consumption and effluent costs gives a rapid return on investm...


Turbidity of White Water

...Waste treatment cost savings are realized by the recovery of usable fiber and fillers normally sent to a landfill or sewer. Also, by controlling particulate levels, energy consumption is reduced....