Outlet (Centrate) Control

Centrifugal separators equipped with a NIR absorption based photometer AF16-N or AS16-N on the outlet can eliminate needless discharges and initiate them only when solids carry-over is detected in the centrate stream. Counting the frequency of these discharges is an indicator of incoming solids loads, which can be used to adjust the flow rate to allow maximum separation performance in high load conditions, and allows maximum throughput at low load conditions. Optionally, a scattered light sensor TF16-N can be installed instead of a NIR absorption sensor to ensure the lowest measuring ranges.

Typical Applications:

Edible Oil:
  • Winterization process to remove saturated glycerides or waxes
  • Butter oil clarification, whey cream separators
  • Separation to remove leaves after boiling
Fruit Juice:
  • Separation of fruit pulp from juice
  • Separation of must

Feed Control

Adding a second NIR absorption based photometer AF16-N or AS16-N to the feed line and measuring incoming loads directly allows immediate response to varying process conditions, including diverting high solids slugs to prevent plugging up a separator bowl. One mishap like this costs more than the analyzers used to prevent it.

Concentrate Control

The concentrate stream of a separator can be equipped with a NIR absorption based photometer AS16-N or AF16-N using a very short optical path length to accurately correlate absorption measurements directly to weight-percent. This enables yield measurement and control of product quality.

optek AF16-N Single Channel Absorption Sensor


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