Single-Use Technology

Chromatography and Ultrafiltration Monitoring

The Single Use Cell (S.U.C.) is designed to optimize separation, purification, concentration and formulation processes in disposable chromatography and ultrafiltration systems. In applications where hazardous materials such as cytotoxic drugs or other potent biological materials are being processed, optek Single Use Cells offer additional protection for operators who are isolated from these hazards.

Having the same performance characteristics as standard reusable systems, but with a reduced hold- up volume, the S.U.C. is easy to install and is fully compatible with the optek range of UV, NIR and color absorption sensors. Additionally, NIST-traceable calibration accessories provide absolute measurement confidence.

S.U.C. Benefits

The optek S.U.C. offers several significant advantages over the standard reusable stainless steel systems:

  • Reduced hold- up volume
  • Lowered risk of cross contamination
  • Reduced need for cleaning and associated cleaning validation
  • Improved productivity due to simpler exchange proceedures and low down time between products/batches
  • Up to four measurements in one S.U.C.
  • Hose Barb and clamp connections, line sizes from 0.25 in. to 1 in. available on all S.U.C. models

S.U.C. Design

The versatile design of the optek S.U.C. has been developed to meet the specific demands of biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Depending on the S.U.C. design chosen a maximum of four measurements are possible with one S.U.C. (conductivity, UV, pH and temperature). The C8000 universal converter is used to receive and transmit data for both standard reusable and single-use systems, increasing the flexibility at any facility.

S.U.C. Types Conductivity pH Optical Hold-up Volume Example
SUC21 checkmark - - 20 ml
SUC23 checkmark checkmark - 20 ml
SUC24 - - checkmark
  • OPL 1 mm: 9.2 ml
  • OPL 2.5 mm: 9.7 ml
  • OPL 10 mm: 12 ml
  • OPL 20 mm: 15 ml
SUC25 checkmark - checkmark
  • OPL 1 mm: 22 ml
  • OPL 2.5 mm: 23 ml
  • OPL 10 mm: 25 ml
  • OPL 20 mm: 28 ml
SUC27 checkmark checkmark checkmark
  • OPL 1 mm: 22 ml
  • OPL 2.5 mm: 23 ml
  • OPL 10 mm: 25 ml
  • OPL 20 mm: 28 ml

Fully Assembled optek SUC27 for UV, Conductivity, pH and Temperature Measurements.

Single-Use Technology

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