Inline Turbidity Meters, Turbidimeters, Colorimeters, Cell Density Probes and Other UV-VIS-NIR Process Photometers.

optek's unique modular design makes it possible to adapt high performance photometric and electro-chemical sensors to virtually any process. This flexibility applies to all sensor types making optek sensors suitable for real-time measurements independent of the application, process connection or measuring location.

Turbidity Meters

optek inline turbidity meters, lab turbidimeters, and optical density probes can be specified to measure turbidity, haze, clarity, and optical density in units of: FTU, NTU, EBC, OD, PPM, Percent and many others. Common process applications include: Filter performance and filter break monitoring, gas bubble detection, particle content and concentration, total suspended solids (TSS), interface detection, BOD, and leak detection. Specialized applications using probe sensors include: Fermentation, cell culture, cell density, biomass, dissolution, and crystallization.

Color and Concentration Sensors

optek colorimeters, VIS-NIR concentration analyzers, and color monitors are ideal for a multitude of real-time measurements for improved process control. Installed directly in process pipelines, tanks and vessels using flow-through and probe type sensors, these reliable analyzers can be configured to measure the concentration of numerous chemicals and can be correlated to many color scales including: APHA, ASTM, Saybolt, ASBC-SRM, ICUMSA, AOCS, HAZEN and others. Typical applications include the concentration of: Bromine, chlorine dioxide, chlorine, nickel, copper, chromium, hemoglobin, chlorophyll as well as color addition and removal control, leak detection/carryover, product interface and dosing/blending control.

UV Absorption, Transmission and Concentration Sensors

optek UV sensors can be effectively applied to a broad range of process applications measuring Ultra-violet absorbance, transmittance, optical density, and chemical concentrations from low parts-per-million (PPM), to high percent-levels. These UV analyzers can be calibrated non-intrusively to NIST-traceable standards. Typical UV applications include: Chromatographic separation, amino acid concentration, protein purification, OD280, TOC, SAC254 and COD (ppb), %T, detecting trace aromatics, organics, and membrane filtration control.

pH and Conductivity Sensors

Offering a superior solution for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and other ultra-sanitary applications, optek's unique PF12 allows users to install a wide variety of Ø12 x 120 mm, steam-sterilizable pH electrodes directly inline for the most demanding downstream processes. Where two or three sensors would normally be required, one optek conductivity sensor delivers linear and reliable measurements over an extremely wide conductivity range due to its six-electrode design.

Single-use Technology

optek’s Single Use Cell (S.U.C.) system consists of the disposable cell, a stainless steel holder with a conductivity sensor, proven optical sensors and a converter capable of operating optical, pH and conductivity sensors.