Optimize your Brewing Process in all Stages

optek designs and manufactures, and distributes top-quality instrumentation for the complete control of the brewing process from the mash tun to the filling station. The right analytics solution ensures that your products comply with quality specifications and meet shelf life requirements. Furthermore, tightly controlling your process helps you to optimize your process from start to finish including water conservation, environmental profile improvements, and regulatory compliance.

Beer Filtration Control 11° / 90°

...Using the 0° absorption channel of the sensor DTF16, turbidity up to 500 EBC can be measured, allowing you to monitor and control the filter pre-coat cycle. This provides an additional opportunity for...


Brewing Separator Control

...Adding a second NIR absorption based turbidity meter AF16-N or AS16-N to the feed line, and measuring incoming loads directly, allows immediate response to varying brewing process conditions, allowing...


Brewing Yeast Management

...This sensor often can double as a whirlpool outlet monitor, or a cold break monitor, depending on its location in the brewhouse. The downstream AS16-VB-N sensor would be located after the yeast inject...


Brewhouse Turbidity

...The measuring ranges depend on the clarity levels reached and on measurement expectations. This turbidity meter continuously monitors solids concentrations in the extract stream to automatically indic...


ASBC / EBC Beer Color Measurements

...Wort color is also measured using absorption. However, beer color is measured using visible light (VIS) at 430 nm. In the brewhouse this poses a problem as background turbidity (solids) will also abso...