Lab/Process Development

ASD12 series probes are designed for smaller scale bioreactors used in R&D and process development areas. Extremely repeatable and easy to use, ASD12 probes come in a variety of insertion depths and optical path lengths to give the best resolution possible.

The seal-less sapphire window design of all AS/ASD probes eliminates crevices and gaps to ensure the highest level of sterility. Additionally ASD12 probes are autoclavable.

Probe Sensors

The optek probe series of bioprocess analyzers were designed specifically to easily integrate into bioreactors and fermenters. These precise systems provide the user with a powerful tool to characterize cell growth in the laboratory and large scale cell culture and fermentation. The real-time biomass concentration is measured as a function of NIR absorption, which is less sensitive to air bubbles and coating than backscattering instruments.

Reliable in-process measurements greatly reduce sampling time and risk of contamination during offline analysis.

optek AS16-VB-N (Top) Single Channel Absorption Probe with Calibration Adapter / optek ASD25-BT-N Single Channel Absorption Probe

Pilot Scale / Manufacturing

The ASD25 probes are designed for use in pilot or production scale fermentors or bioreactors. The hybrid LED light source allows for up to four ASD25 probes to be monitored from one C4000 converter. These extremely durable probes are designed for sanitary bioprocess environments and can be used in CIP/SIP processes.

Developed for larger scale reactors the AS16 series probes offer the user the same type of probe used in process development for the manufacturing scale. Depending on the point of installation, AS16 series probes are available with different insertion lengths for installation flexibility. Optional NIST-traceable calibration accessories are available for quality control checks before each process run.

Lab/Manufacturing C4000 Photometric Converter

The advanced modular design of the Control C4000 converter enables precision process monitoring with multiple sensors.

From laboratory to production, the C4000 can operate up to four ASD series probes simultaneously. The results are displayed in any laboratory unit, such as OD, AU, TCD, cell count, wet or dry weight. Due to the superior principle of NIR absorption, stability and measurement reliability are provided even in systems with a high degree of aeration and agitation.

For manufacturing, one Control C4000 converter can operate up to two AS16 series probes and can be panel mounted or installed in a stainless steel or plastic housing to ensure IP ratings up to IP66.

The C8000 Universal converter is installed if pH/conductivity and absorption measurements are required. Providing excellent flexibility, each C8000 converter can operate up to two ASD probes together with two pH probes and two conductivity sensors simultaneously.

Where space or implementation is an issue, ask optek for the solution.

optek C4000 Photometric Converter


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