Optimize your Chemical Process in all Stages

At optek, we understand chemical industry monitoring technology when it comes to maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of production processes. Since 1984, we have designed, manufactured, and distributed world-class instrumentation for inline monitoring of liquid and gaseous products. With optek as your partner in the chemical manufacturing process, from inline analysis to product loss monitoring and quality control, you can ensure confidence for the tough decisions.

Halogen Concentration

...Measurements are possible in low and high percent ranges for gaseous phase processes and ppm levels for liquid phase processes. Available options include high pressure, high temperature, ATEX and FM h...


Filter Control

...To control product clarity, a turbidimeter can be installed at the start of the filtration process and in between each filtering step. If product turbidity reaches an unacceptable level, the flow can ...


Color and Concentration

...Changes in light absorbance, due to changes in color, are monitored by the detector in the sensor and a signal is sent to the C4000 converter. The C4000 converter correlates the changes in absorbance ...


Leak Detection / Condensate / Carryover Monitoring

...Heat exchanger monitoring is a very common application, where water is typically on the low pressure side and the leaking medium (e.g.,hydrocarbons) is on the high pressure side. In the case where the...


Phase Separation

...After settling of the mixture occurs in a batch reactor, the aqueous phase is separated from the organic phase. Depending on process specifics, this can be monitored with an optek AF26 or AF16 absorpt...