UV / VIS / NIR Filters

optek calibration accessories are specifically designed for nonintrusive calibration and verification of optek systems.

UV Sensors

Three series of solid filters are available to ensure confidence in measurements. The UV-L filter series is used to calibrate photometric accuracy and linearity. The UV-B filter series verifies integral blocking and the UV-S filter series tests for long-term stability of the sensor.

VIS/NIR Sensors

A special series of solid filters is available for each wavelength (range) to ensure best measurement performance. The calibration filters are used to calibrate photometric accuracy and linearity.


Advantages of optek calibration concept include:

  • only 1 filter (set) for multiple sensors ensures identical calibration
  • only the filter needs to be sent back for recertification, while the sensor remains operating.

Calibration Filters UV-L

Nominal absorption:0.45, 0.9, 1.8 and 2.4 CU

Calibration Filter UV-B

Nominal absorption:> 3 CU

Calibration Filters UV-S

Nominal absorption:Application specific

Calibration Filters VIS-L

Nominal absorption:0.45, 0.9 and 1.8 CU

Calibration Filters NIR-L

Nominal absorption:0.45, 0.9 and 1.8 CU

Calibration Case

Holds up to 7 calibration filters

The unique calibration cuvette, FH03, enables product calibration without need to interfere with the process line. The cuvette allows users to create a correlation of absorption signals to the concentration of product or an equivalent substance, creating an easy link from lab to process.

All optek UV/VIS filters ship with NIST-traceable certification (National Institute of Standards and Technology). The optek laboratory is equipped with a high quality, NIST-traceable spectrophotometer assuring quality and quick turn around time for recertification of filters.