Worldwide Inline Process Control Solutions

Bleaching and Blending

Typical Applications:

  • Edible Oil:
    • Control of bleaching process / bleach dosing / control of filter breakthrough
  • Potato Processing:
    • Dosing control of caramel color, annatto or tumeric
  • Sugar Refining:
    • Decolorization of sugar, monitoring of the fine liquor, ICUMSA/RBU color measurement
  • Fruit Juice:
    • Precise juice color monitoring

Inline Control

Monitoring color inline using optek photometers enables precise, real-time control of color dosing, color removal, color quality or color avoidance.

Typically, process color measurements are made by taking samples from the process piping and analyzing them in a lab either visually or using a laboratory analyzer. optek colorimeters can immediately detect color changes in process liquids directly in the pipeline.


  • Real-time measurements / less need for lab analysis
  • Consistent product quality
  • Measurement wavelengths and optical path lengths selected to match process requirements
  • Immediate feedback on process changes

optek AF26-VB-PV Dual Channel Absorption Sensor with Calibration Adapter