C4000 / C8000 Product Family

Control 4000 and Control 8000 are powerful, microprocessor-based converters.

The advanced modular design enables precision process monitoring and control with multiple sensors. The menu-based software is easy to use and configure, and available in German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. The software includes adjustable signal damping, 16 linearization tables and advanced calculation capabilities. Multiple outputs transmit the measurements in real-time for precise process control. An integrated data logger captures vital process information for quality assurance and plant control records. This data is easily transferred to a PC via an RS232 port.

C8000 Universal Converter
C4000 Photometric Converter
Turbidity (High Range)
AF16-N Turbidity Sensor
AF56-N Turbidity Sensor
Turbidity (Low Range)
TF16-N Turbidity Meter
Turbidity Probes
AS16-N Turbidity Probe
AS56-N Turbidity Probe
ASD12-N Absorption Probe
ASD25-N Absorption Probe
VIS / Color Sensors
AF16-F Color Sensor
AF56-F Color Sensor
AF26 VIS/NIR Sensor
VIS / Color Probes
AS16-F Color Probe
AS56-F Color Probe
UV Absorption
AF45 UV Analyzer
AF46 UV Analyzer
Conductivity & pH
ACF60-35 Conductivity Sensor
ACS60-35 Conductivity Probe
PF12 pH Electrode Holder
C4000 C8000
Optical sensors (optek) 1 - 4 1-2
pH-Probes - 2
Conductivity sensors (optek) - 2
mA-outputs (0/4 - 20 mA) 2 / 4 8
mA-inputs (4 - 20 mA) 0 / 2 -
Relay-outputs 3 -
Failsafe-relay (active) checkmark checkmark
Remote-IN: Zero checkmark checkmark
Remote-IN: Range checkmark checkmark
Remote-IN: Hold checkmark -
Profibus® PA checkmark -
FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus checkmark checkmark
Ex-proof ATEX checkmark -
Ex-proof FM checkmark -

Turbidity Meters, Colorimeters, UV, pH and Conductivity sensors


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