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The Control C4000 and Haze Control converters are now available with an optional PROFIBUS® PA interface.

New Profibus® PA Interface
C4000 Converter

New Profibus® PA Interface
Haze Control Converter

Science of Photometry

Photometry is the branch of science that deals with the measurement of light intensity.

optek inline photometric analyzers are based on the interaction of light with process fluids or gases. This interaction can be measured with great exactness, as described by the Lambert-Beer Law.

Because of their accuracy and robustness, inline, photometric instruments are able to provide precise, real-time process stream analyses when installed at strategic locations in pipelines, reactors, tanks and vessels.

Photometry is ideal for a wide variety of process applications
  • Turbidity
  • Suspended solids
  • Concentration
  • Trace contaminants
  • Interface detection
  • Color
  • Filter control
  • Separator control
  • Oil in water/water in oil
  • ClO2, S02
  • TOC
  • BOD reduction
  • And many more...
See the applications menu for more information on how photometry is used in industry.