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Heat Exchanger Leak - Carryover Detection (Oil In Water)

Heat exchanger leak detection is an important standard application for many processors. Companies in all industries increasingly demand the measurement of oil contents in the ppm-range. For this purpose, inline turbidity meters have been proven worldwide as a reliable solution.

Trace oil in water detection provides advanced warning of oil contamination in water or condensate. optek scattered-light turbidity meters can easily detect trace contamination in heat exchanger cooling, heating and reclaim lines.

Heat Exchanger Leak Detection

Heat Exchanger Leak - Carryover Detection (Oil In Water) Benefits

  • Protect Equipment (Boilers, Filters)
  • Immediate Detection of Leakage or Carryover
  • Reduced Water Usage
  • Reduced Chemical Costs
  • Reduced Municipal Charges
  • Reduced Contamination Risks
  • Reduced Boiler & Heat Exchanger Downtime
By using optek turbidity meters in heat exchanger cooling/heating lines, a pinhole leak in a plate can now be detected, and repairs can be made before a catastrophic breakdown occurs. Also, operating costs are reduced because heat exchanger downtime can be scheduled to minimize process downtime. This ensures proper operation of the heat exchanger and reduces the risk of bacteriological growth in cooling/heating lines.

These sensors ensure that utility water is free from contamination so that water from evaporator condensate can now be re-used in the plant CIP pre-rinse cycle, as well as for boiler feed. This has proven to be an extremely beneficial process improvement, reducing plant water usage as well as reducing wastewater costs.

Any area where water is used to heat or cool the process stream, there is a chance of product leakage or carryover. An optek turbidity meter is an excellent tool for immediately detecting a potential process contamination.

optek dual channel scattered light turbidity meters determine the total particle content from the relation of the direct light and scattered light. Color changes of the process stream will thereby not affect the measurement. Typically, the loading of the process stream to be analyzed consists of dissolved oil, undissolved oil and solids.

Measuring condensate for contamination in other ways, such as UV or color in some cases, may also be advantageous. This is, especially true for processors who are maximizing their operations by re-using the condensate or the re-boiler to conserve energy, water and treatment chemicals.

Heat Exchanger Leak / Carryover Detection Summary
Using continuous in-line monitoring, leakage can be caught and isolated before complete failure is experienced. optek process photometry can help you to protect your process and get the most out of your valuable utilities. Easy to install and implement, optek turbidity meters will provide a rapid return on investment.

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