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optek South Africa

optek has offices and representatives world-wide to serve today's global market with the finest inline real time process photometers.

Strategically installed inline at critical locations in your process, optek analyzers provide real-time process control for liquids and gases. UV-VIS-NIR and scattered light sensors, probes and turbidity meters provide precise and repeatable measurement for uninterrupted processing. Engineered for durability and virtually maintenance-free, these industrial photometers handle high temperatures, high pressure, and ultra-sanitary CIP applications in a spectrum of industries including biotech, industrial, beverages and brewing, food and dairy, and water.

  • Turbidity Sensors
  • Color and Concentration Sensors
  • UV Absorption, Transmission and Concentration Sensors
  • pH/ORP and Conductivity Sensors
  • Chromatographic Separation
  • Fermentation and Cell Growth Monitoring
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) Applications
  • Inline Chlorine Dioxide Monitoring
  • Oil in Water Detection
  • Inline Process Color Measurement
South Africa Representatives

flag_SouthAfrica.gifMecosa (Pty) Ltd.
Mr. Allister McMorran
OMSA House; cnr Rabie and Aimee Street
Fontainebleau; 2194 Randburg
South Africa
Phone: ++27-11-257 6100
Fax: ++27-86-531 9682
E-Mail: [email protected]

optek South Africa Export Area Manager

Marc Marciniak
Office Phone: +49-201-63409-833
Mobile Phone: +49-174-920-3489

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